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With the youth of today becoming increasingly aware and exposed to a number of things through manifold mediums, they are caught in the midst of various choices and avenues coupled with an influx of growing global education opportunities. However, when there is a plethora of choices but limited resources for realizing your dreams, the need for proper guidance and counseling to analyze and study these choices becomes extremely important.

This is where EduCat- the education catalyst, founded by Koelee Educational Facilitation Centre steps in.

EduCat is a one-stop destination for aspiring medical students aiming to pursue their education overseas and we ensure that the goals and aspirations of the student are completely met. As in chemical reactions wherein, a catalyst causes or accelerates the chemical reaction causing a very fast metamorphosis, we’d like to believe that we are catalysts of education as we are whole heartedly devoted to help students achieve their dreams in a pragmatic manner.

We at EduCat are dedicated to provide affordable consultancy solutions to aspiring medical students along with customized assistance in the application procedure. We understand the various problems faced by students today which in turn, help us in providing personalized solutions to fast track your journey to realize your ambitions.

EduCat scrutinizes the interests and aspirations of the student and accordingly recommends appropriate courses offered and thereafter facilitate the entire admission procedure of the student to the respective university.

We at EduCat are part of a continuous learning process which helps us in serving our clientele better all the time. As a corporation, we are united in our efforts to provide the best services to our customers and enable them to realize their potential through the advancement of academics, service and leadership. We believe that our success is reflected in the success of the students we cater to and we strive to provide the best services that help students realize their dreams and excel in all their future endeavors.

We are committed to maintain high ethical standards in every aspect of our work. It is of utmost importance that each one of us at EduCat honors the commitments we make to our students and ensure that they get the best possible assistance and service. We have built a strong and diverse workforce here at EduCat who not only act with honesty and integrity but also possess qualities such as fairness, courage, open-mindedness and straightforwardness.

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