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Studying Medicine Abroad

Studying abroad has become a global phenomenon since the last decade with every year more and more students opting for going abroad to study rather than their own countries. With respect to medical education, this concept is fast catching up in South Asian Countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc primarily due to the huge discrepancy between the demand for education and the limited availability of seats in their respective countries. In India, this fact has altered the way people look at medical education as more and more Indians are choosing to study medicine abroad and broadening their horizons.

Scared of MCI Screening Test? We are here to help you!

MCI Screening Test is the examination which all Foreign Medical Graduates having completed their MBBS from abroad are required to take. After clearing the licensure examination do the students get the permanent registration numberin India to practice. Read more...

Global Scholarship Exam - A bright future begins with a Scholarship!

Looking at getting scholarship abroad? Then take this Global Scholarship Exam and test your competency to get scholarships! Read more...

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