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EduCat is an institution that ensures dreams of many students like me to become true in the field of education in abroad, particularly in the medical education.

As we know medical education for aspirants in India is a Himalayan task, EduCat ensured to achieve this in a very special way.

They walked with us in all activities i.e. delivering of invitations letters from renowned universities in abroad, assisting in completion of all travel formalities including VISA and our stay in abroad.

Above all the institution is like a mother who cares always. Not only they are with us while we leave India but also they are always with us each and every minute in abroad and that too till the completion of education.

Excellent Rapport with the universities in abroad and having their representative in each country/university is a remarkable thing that gave us a lot of peace while dealing with them.

Though I cannot put many words, I thank EduCat and its team sincerely from the bottom of my heart for all the assistance and coordination in getting me medical education.

Mohit Kumar

I found EduCat to be one of the best consultancies in Delhi. Despite the fact that there are so many consultancies, but not all are as transparent as EduCat has been to its students, because of which my trust factor in EduCat is the highest. There are so many consultancies we consulted prior to finalising EduCat, not many were able to gain our trust and thus could have created problems for me in the future, had it been that i had gone with them.

Besides their smooth and transparent counselling services, i liked the way EduCat understood mine and my parents requirements regarding selecting the country to go to for my higher education. They did all the work on time and that too accurately. The best part of their entire facilitation experience has been the way they have provided their post arrival services to us. We were treated so well and taken care of so nicely throughout in India and even abroad, as our own parents would for us.

They are also there to solve any of the problems faced by us in the University or the country which makes us feel very nice!

Wishing EduCat all the luck for their future endeavors!

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